All the craft flavour and no hangovers!

G’day i’m Trent the founder of AF Beer Squad. 

I’ve enjoyed craft beer for quite some time but I was finding my hobby of tasting all the different varieties I could get my hands on was impacting my home life. The majority of craft beer that I enjoyed had a high alcohol content (some ridiculously high +10%!)

I don’t feel I had a drinking problem but I just wasn’t getting the most out of my life as I got closer to 40 (39 this year) the hangovers got worse and my motivation dropped to an all time low.

I still enjoy the odd “regular” craft beer every now and then but I’ve started a love affair with Alcohol Free Craft beer.

For me its about choice, I want to choose when I can go Alcohol Free and still enjoy the refreshing taste of craft beer and skip the low’s associated with drinking alcohol.

I started AF Beer Squad with the mission to introduce Aussies like myself to the increasing varieties of AF craft beer. There’s now no reason to miss out on the magic of craft beer or feeling left out of conversations of trying new beers

I want to build a community of like minded beer lovers who will help push the message of the AF beer world to those venues we like to socialise at with our mates. I dream of the day of having a refreshing AF beer on tap at my local.

Drink less, more often is my motto as I strive to increase awareness of the benefits of consuming less alcohol.

Whether you’re a tee total or part time liver lover, lets change Australia’s mindset and drinking culture one tasty AF craft at a time.

Come join the squad…